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Power Skating Participatants Excel

By jw, 10/29/18, 6:00PM EDT


Rink program puts players on the fast track

By definition, Power Skating is a concept that helps youth players become better skaters.  But better skating can have many definitions, and being the fastest skater does not necessarily make one the best skater on the team. 

Hockey is a speed-based game.  Any youth coach will tell you that passing the puck will always be the quickest way to get it into the attacking zone.  Skaters, however, need to develop different skill sets to put themselves in the best position.  Whether its accelerating after a loose puck, or making tight turns down low behind the net, players need to use different techniques to maximize their positioning and location on the ice. 

"Skating is the primary skill needed at all five positions on the ice," says Chad Ziegler, the rink's Hockey Director.  "Skating helps determine every advantage- or disadvantage- in which a team finds itself.  A quick first step can mean the difference between a breakaway and getting back-checked by a defender, and a quick lateral move for defenders can prevent an attacker from shooting or making a pass." 

Ziegler runs Power Skating classes at the rink for youth players.  The classes emphasize game situations as well as general skating tips. 

Jaret Fritts is the captain of the Bulldogs U16 AA team, and has attended Power Skating classes for a few years.  He is one of the best skaters on his team, and believes HISC Power Skating classes have made the difference.  "The sessions push you in every aspect," he shared.  "We practice explosiveness, edge control, and transitions skating from forward to backwards."

These skills help players with straight-line speed develop skating habits that they encounter each game.  The repetitive nature of the drills helps build the skaters' muscle memory as they become more comfortable with these skating techniques.

Taylor Ziegler, a U10 player, is a frequent participant in the program.  "It has helped me improve my quickness and edge control," she said.  "I go to the sessions each week.  It's made me a better skater and helped me to play at higher levels." 

U16 AA assistant captain Quinn Alley also realizes the impact that strong skating has made on his game.  "Power skating is a building block for virtually every other hockey skill.  It helps you increase your power behind every stride, and it also enhances your stance on the ice, which helps you generate harder shots and make more accurate passes." 

Come join us for future Power Skating sessions.  The sessions are a great way for novice to advanced youth to learn specific skating techniques that will immediately improve their game.  For a full listing of upcoming Power Skating sessions visit our Power Skating page.