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Power Skating

power skating

Payment Update

Online payments are no longer accepted.  Customers must pay at the front desk before each session.  We will also sell multi-use punch cards, but they must be punched before getting on the ice for each session.  Thank you for your patience with this transition!

Future Sessions

All sessions will be held at 6pm on Mondays, with the exception of certain holidays.  We no longer offer 6-week sessions to increase options for families that occasionally have scheduling conflicts.

Youth Power Skating: Beginner & Advanced Classes!

Session Information

Advanced classes are currently* held at 6:00 PM on Mondays , and will focus on edge control, explosiveness, transitions, agility and endurance.   This session is geared towards advanced skaters with prior travel or high school experience.

Beginner classes are currently* held at 6:00 PM on Mondays, and will focus on skating forwards and backwards, cross-overs, stopping and edge control.  This session is geared towards beginners and rec level players looking to develop better skating habits.

*Classes take place at the same time, but participants receive different instruction.  For future sessions, classes may diverge into 2 sessions, if we receive a significant number of registrants.  Always check the schedule posted at the top of this page for session specifics.

Full Equipment is required.

Equipment rental is available for each session.  

Cost is $10 per session, and must be paid at the rink before going on the ice.  We are no longer selling packages online for this program.  Participants may still purchase a punch card for $60, and get that punched each time they come for a session.

Chad Ziegler

Hockey Director