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Youth Skills

Two Summer Sessions Are Forming Now!

This summer, the rink will offer two sessions of Summer Youth Skills.  Details are included below.  If you have any questions about the format or program, please contact our Hockey Director Chad Ziegler.  His contact information is on the right.  

This is a great program for beginner and novice players to improve their abilities on the ice.   All facets of the game, from individual skills to team play, will be covered.  Our knowledgeable instructors are all youth hockey coaches and have competed in higher level hockey as well.

  • SESSION 1: Starts May 14.  Runs through June 18.
  • SESSION 2: Starts July 9.  Runs through August 13.
  • TIMES: Beginner Skills at 9:00 AM and Intermediate Skills at 10:00 AM.
  • PROGRAM FOCUS: Focus is on skill development.  All areas of hockey development will be incorporated, for all levels.
  • INSTRUCTORS: Chad Ziegler and other experienced coaches
  • COST:  $100
  • QUESTIONS? Contact Coach Chad via the email form on the right

Chad Ziegler

Hockey Director