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Skate Sharpening Services

Sharpening Services

Skate sharpening services are offered during normal rink hours.  However, if you wait while they are being sharpened, please call the rink first to ensure someone is available to sharpen skates when you arrive.  Prices below are effective as of October 15, 2018:

  • Drop-off/Overnight - $6.00
  • While you wait - $8.00 (call for availability)
  • Prepayment is required at the front counter.

Need a specialty sharpening? Call (301) 766-9122

Did you know?

All new ice skates should be sharpened! Skates should be sharpened on a regular basis - every 4 - 6 weeks of skating. To prevent rust on blades always dry skate blades before putting away.

The skate sharpening industry standard is to sharpen skates with a 1/2 inch hollow. As a hockey player's skating skills increase some choose to change that hollow to 3/8 inch. Though the skate blade is completely sharpened at either depth, some skaters feel that the 3/8 inch sharpening gives them more "bite" or "grab" in the ice.