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Congrats, Kaiden!

By jw, 12/06/17, 10:00PM EST


U10 goalie named Best Player in the World of the Week

Kaiden Whaley is a first-year goalie for the U10 Junior Bulldogs.  Last weekend, he played a game against a team that was forced to start a forward in net.  This opposing goalie had no experience between the pipes, and the Junior Bulldogs almost scored at will during the first period. 

Between periods, Kaiden approached the other team's struggling goalie.  He gave him a quick lesson on movement and positioning.  Some of these lessons no doubt helped his opponent play better during the final periods of the game.  If anything, it helped calm an opponent's nerves and build him up before he had to return to an unfamiliar position in a game that was seemingly out of reach.

This small act of kindness did not escape the attention of those around Kaiden.  The opposing coach tweeted a message with an image of the two goalies.  It went viral.  Yesterday, ESPN hockey columnist Greg Wyshynski named Kaiden The Best Player in the World of the Week.

We're so proud of you, Kaiden!  What a fantastic display of sportsmanship, empathy and respect for the game.