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Ice Guardians Announce Winter Schedule

By jw, 01/06/23, 6:15PM EST


Safety tips & companionship at select Public Skates

We are pleased to share that the Ice Guardians are back!  The group is comprised of figure skaters, under the direction of a licensed skating coach, and they provide safety tips and assistance to young skaters during select public skate events. 

The Ice Guardians have been helping young skaters learn the basics since 2019.  They came up with the idea after seeing several youngsters look scared and unsure during public skates, especially those that didn't have a parent or older sibling that knew how to skate.  This is a great way to learn basic positioning and safety moves from experienced skaters. 

Check out the Ice Guardians' flyer below, as well as their Facebook page.  Give them a like or a follow!  They will be available once per month this winter.  This is a great way to introduce a child to ice skating, in a friendly and non-competitive environment. 

UPDATE: This winter, the Ice Guardians will offer online registration for interested parties.  They make an effort to assist anyone skater who requests their help, but will prioritize sessions with those who register ahead of time.  Click the registration link below to begin.


Pre-register a spot with an Ice Guardian. We try to accommodate all skaters but prioritize those who sign up early.

Follow the Ice Guardians

Click below to follow them on their Facebook page.