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Coronavirus Statement

By jw, 05/12/20, 8:30PM EDT


COVID-19 Special Statement

Update: Saturday, june 6

The rink anticipates reopening at some point later this month.  We are currently closed due to Governor Hogan's order to close non-essential businesses.

As some businesses begin to reopen, we have been encouraged that our closure is nearing its end.  The rink is an indoor facility, so we are NOT in the same category as swimming pools or golf courses.  However, the fact that these businesses are now opening means that we are moving in the right direction. 

Once we open, first groups that will be allowed to resume using our facility are adult hockey leagues and adult figure skaters.  Our board and General Manager have determined that adults can elect to participate and this poses a lesser health risk to our youngest patrons.  Limited youth programs and private ice rentals of less than 25 skaters will be our next phase.

Unfortunately, none of these phases have timelines or dates attached.  Much is still unknown.  Please visit our website and Facebook regularly for updates. Thank you for your patronage and be safe!