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Ice Skating Lessons

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate is offered on Mondays at 11:00am, Wednesdays at 6:00pm, and Saturdays at 11:00am from September to May.  

Cost: $130 for the 7-week session  

Each session includes: 

  • Learn to Skate USA Membership Benefits – The only skating program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating. 
  • 25 minute lesson per week
  • 25 minutes of free skate before/after lesson
  • Skate rentals
  • Punch card for free public skating sessions 
  • 1 Freestyle Card for Basic 5 & up 

First Time Skaters: For new skaters that are 4-6 years old, sign them up for Snowplow 1. For new skaters that are 7 and older, sign them up for Basic 1.

Class Advancement & Class Levels
The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills programs boasts 4 Snowplow Sam levels (ages 4 – 5) and 6 Basic Skills class levels.  Each class level has required skating maneuvers that skaters must perfect before advancing to the next level.  Once all is said & done, skaters will have mastered forward & backward skating, stopping, turning and beginner spins & jumps (and so much more) through the completion of all 6 Basic Skills levels.

Evaluations & Pre-Evaluations
Each skater will have the opportunity to be pre-evaluated during the 4th week of classes.  Instructors will present skaters with a progress report which will indicate any maneuvers that need to be practiced before “evaluation day” (7th week) the following week.  During evaluations, each skater will be presented with a class certificate which will indicate whether a skater may advance to the next class level or if a level needs to be repeated.  We highly encourage our students to make use of the public session card as a chance to practice and to be fully prepared for evaluation day.

Make-up Days
Skaters are allotted one make-up class each session of classes, however, all make-up classes must be completed by the conclusion of the 6th week of classes.  No make-ups the 1st or 7th week of any session. Make-up lessons are NOT allowed during evaluations. There are no make up classes in the summer sessions.  Contact the skate director for make-up days.


Finer Edges Fall 12 weeks Edition

Invitational class to enhance skaters technique, power and style. Sept 21 to Dec 14

Learn to Skate

Below is info for the fall, winter and spring  sessions.  Click the day you need for your session. 

7 week classes

 Holiday Skating Camps

Finer Edges by invitation only!

Check back here for updates! 

 If you have any questions, reach out at

Cary Summerlin

Skate Director

Learn To Skate Sessions

 Fall 2Learn to Skate



Mondays October 30

December 11

11am to noon


Wednesdays October 25 December 6

6 - 7pm


Saturdays October 28 December 16

11am to noon


Fall 1 Learn to Skate




Mondays  September 11

October 23

11am - 12 noon


Wednesdays September 6

October 18

6 - 7pm


Saturdays September 9

October 21

11am - 12 noon



Register for your Preferred Class Below!

Monday Fall 2 LTS 2023

Monday Learn to Skate October 30 to December 11

Wednesday LTS Fall 2 2023

Wednesday 2023 Fall 2 LTS Oct 25 to Dec 6

Saturday Fall 2 LTS 2023

Fall 2 Saturday classes Oct 28 to Dec 16

Adults only class

Adults only class with free skate. Sept 5 to Oct 17, 2023

Program Curricula

Click on a PDF below to learn the objectives for each skating level.