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Hagerstown Kodiaks Sled Hockey

Kodiaks are Open for Business!

The Kodiaks are a sled hockey team based in Hagerstown.  The team is comprised of athletes from Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

The goal of sled hockey is to provide a fun and competitive environment for athletes of all ages and challenges.  The Kodiaks have players from 6-60 on the team.  Each athlete is seated on a sled with two blades, which allows them to balance themselves as they race around the rink.  Each hockey stick has small spikes on the top end; the sticks are used to propel players on the ice and to handle the puck.

The Kodiaks are always looking for new team members.  Contact our team president Mike Barnhart (contact info above) for information on how you can join the team or support its athletes. 

Who Should I contact?

Mike Barnhart

Mike Barnhart

Kodiaks President