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Summer A/B Hagerstown Adult Hockey League

Registration CLOSED; Season is Under Way

This summer, the adult A/B league is offering higher level hockey at a discounted rate.  Players will get 12 games plus playoffs for $200, which is almost 40% off our normal rate.  

This league is different than our offerings in the fall and spring.  Players are allowed to register individually or as a team.  Individually registered players will be placed on a team that creates the most parity as rosters are finalized.  

Click the registration button on the right to begin the process.

Level of Play & Rules

Higher Level of Competition

This league will offer an opportunity for current and former travel, collegiate, junior, professional, and skilled recreational players to compete in a fast paced, competitive league.  NOTE: This league will offer the same level of play (or higher) as the HAHL has each season.  A summer rec league will be offered for intermediate and beginner players.

Age Requirements

Players must be 18 years of age or older to play in the league.  Advanced players under the age of 18 may request a waiver to play, which requires parental consent and approval of our hockey director.  These situations will be reviewed on an individual basis.


The Hagerstown Summer A/B Adult League strictly abides by the adult USA hockey rules and regulations with additions of specific Hagerstown Adult Hockey rules established by the Hagerstown Adult Hockey Commissioner.

No Fighting

Zero tolerance on fighting. If any player engages in fisticuffs, he or she will automatically receive a 3 game suspension. The second offense will result in a full season suspension and no refund.


Other Information

All players / teams MUST be registered and have made payment online at Hagerstown Ice before they are able to step on the ice.  All players MUST turn in a copy of their USA Hockey Registration with the league / rink before they step on the ice.

Player & Team stats will be updated regularly after each game via the Hagerstown Ice website.


Have Questions?

For more information, please contact league director:

Chad Ziegler

HISC Program Director

Click the image to register.