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Learn to Skate

Next Learn to Skate Session Starts the week if September 11, 2017

Learn To Skate

Learn to skate classes are offered on Mondays at 11am, Wednesdays at 5:30pm, and Saturdays at 12pm.  Each session is $100.00 and consists of 6 weeks of one 25 minute lesson, skate rentals, membership to USFS Basic Skills, and a punch card for 6 free public sessions!  Very useful to practice your new skills.

Current Class Schedule 

Mondays: 11am-12pm 



·        Snowplow 1 - Snowplow 4

·        Basic 1

·        Pre-Freeskate

·        Freeskate 1- Freeskate 6


·        Basic 2 - Basic 6

·        Specialty Class





·        Snowplow 1

·        Snowplow 2

·        Snowplow 3

·        Basic 1



·        Basic 2

·        Basic 3

·        Basic 4

·        Basic 6

·        Pre-Freeskate




Make-up Days
Skaters are allotted one make-up class each semester of classes, however all make-up classes must be completed by the conclusion of the 5th week of classes. No make-ups on the 1st or 6th week.  Make-up lessons are NOT allowed during evaluations. Contact the skate director for make-up days.

Class Badges
For each class level that is successfully completed, a colorful USFS badge will be presented to the skater during “evaluation day”.  These badges represent hard work, perfection, and completion of levels.  Skaters are encouraged to display these badges on their skating jackets, or skating bags, or favorite skating sweatshirt as a symbol of accomplishment.


Lorraine Olson

Skate Director

Learn to Skate Schedule

Fall I - Wednesday September 13 October18 5:30PM-6:20PM
Fall I- Saturday September 16 October 21 12:00PM-12:50PM
Fall ll-Wednesday November 1 December 13 5:30PM-6:20PM
Fall ll-Saturday November 4 December 16 12:00PM-12:50PM
Winter l-Wednesday January 10 February 14 5:30PM-6:20PM
Winter l-Saturday January 13 February 17 12:00PM-12:50PM
Winter ll - Wednesday February 28 April 11 5:30PM-6:20PM
Winter ll- Saturday March 3 April 14 12:00PM-12:50PM
Spring l - Wednesday April 25 May 30 5:30PM-6:20PM
Spring l- Saturday April 28 June 9 12:00PM-12:50PM

Skate Programs

Hagerstown Edge Skating Academy

08/19/2014, 3:15pm EDT
By rink

Hagerstown's Premier Figure Skating Program

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